The Nash & NOtable Gift Card System
sdmg / 29 Jan /
Loyalty & Gift Cards

Project Details

After opening their second restaurant in Calgary, the Legacy Restaurant Management Company (LRMC) wanted to make their gift card system more scalable. They required a solution to make their cards available online, track valuable customer intelligence, and make it easier for their team to manage sales and customer service. 

A customized implementation of the LoyaltyEngine system which allowed both The Nash & NOtaBLE to:

 ‌       • Offer guests an online store for purchasing gift cards 24/7

 ‌       • Automatically email guests a digital gift card

 ‌       • Track PR and social media initiatives using promo codes

 ‌       • Create a database of their best customers, one gift card purchase at a time

 ‌       • Segment their customer list to find out who the best customers are

 ‌       • Allow guests to check their gift card balance online, anytime

 ‌       • Manage an inventory of comp and donation gift cards, each associated to a guest profile


Gift card sales have increased 18% since platform launch. Both restaurants have built a list of their best customers and they communicate with them via email about exclusive events and promotions in store.

The Nash & NOtaBLE